Thursday, September 30, 2010

New books

Here are some new books that I purchase while I was traveling to visit my daughter Theresa in Quebec. My daughter Heather and I had decided quite few months ago to make a trip to Quebec to visit Theresa and family, also my sister Florida who is retired in a Residence .

While in Winnipeg airport waiting for our plane, we visited the book store, Heather and I love reading and as we cannot always get all the new books that does come out, was a good opportunity for us to see what was new in the reading world. After looking at all the books there,I went around a second time and looked at the names of some new authors and came upon this one, and reading what he wrote in the back cover, I decided to buy few. It is very different of what I had been reading and I thought it would be a great change to have something new and knowing I would not be able to procure them here in Flin Flon. It was also a good way to get some new authors that I did not know about.

I must also say that Theresa is also an avid reader as well her girls Linda and Susan. I guess it is in the family.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Another of my painting. This one was painted when my friend Begona was here with her husband who was a dentist and came to work for Dr.Crozier. Begona was a very talented person. She show me how to add person or animal in my painting, but unfortunateley I was not a very good drawer like her . She could draw anything she wanted. Of course she studied art. Myself I am self-taugh in painting only. I do like to paint landscapes best

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another purse.

Here is another of the bag I made only few weeks ago..I like the red and white material and as I had only a bit left ,I hoped to be able to make another purse for myself and I sure was lucky to have enough.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new: more books covers.

These covers are larger for hard cover books. I have to have these as well as the other sizes. Now I will have to think abour doing something else when I get back from my little trip.