Thursday, September 24, 2009

Color pencils painting.

Here is another colored pencils painting.I done this one, two or three years ago. At that time I was practicing with colored pencils, and decided to do one from a picture I had and wanted to paint it for quite awhile in acrylic, but decided to do it with colored pencils instead. This was my second one in that medium. I had done another previously to this one but a friend was moving away and ask if he could have it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quiet Lake Scene

I done this painting a few years ago for a juried art show. Also one get critique I received good critique. Was happy about it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reflection on books and bookstores.

By some of my photos above,you can see I love reading. As a matter of fact my three girls love reading as well.My interest in literature is vast. I like mystery,science fiction,adventure, and now there is so much new kind of literature on the market there is too much to say here.
A bookstore appears simpler and more modest than it really is. Orderly shelves of books line the walls,the air is quiet and still, employees who seems thoughful and even a little grave, tend the cash registers and give advices or direction. (Avid readers of books are widely viewed as subdued type,not exciting)
Ah ! but there's the illusion.
Avid readers of books are people whose mental life is complex and seething with passion.
Likewise, a bookstore is a treasure throve of intense pleasures already known,mingle with exquisite pleasure as yet unsample.
The cover of a simple volume is really a trapdoor opening onto a vortex. To begin a book is both to hope and fear that you will be swept away by the mind of another human being.
The difference between a good bookstore and a bad ones is that a good bookstore invariably satisfies a reader's craving for mental nourishment. A bad bookstore only satisfies the craving of publishers to sell as many with as possible of a few formula product.
Our country is full of wonderful bookstores. Every bookstore is a unique interpretation of the endless promises to all bookstores. Just being there is irresistible, alluring, a warren of interesting thoughts that invite the browser deeper and deeper,tempting you toward abandonning the outside world entirely. Making your purchase is almost a disappointment because then you have to leave.
But then leaving any bookstore is hard because a bookstore is one of the few places where all the cantankerous, conflicting, alluring voices of the world co-exist in peace and order, and the avid reader is as free as a person can possibly be because she or he is free among them.
PS. I wrote this quite few years ago after I joined the Flin Flon Writer's Guild. I still enjoy looking at books, and find out what is new in literature.