Friday, January 30, 2009

taking a walk

Walking along this road
has been a favorite for me.
Walking away my troubles
it seems to set my spirit free.

The lush foliage of the trees
that overgrow their right of way
like rich tapestry in beauty.

From the gentle breeze sway
spanning protective walls of
leaves in all hues of forest green.
in this beautiful natural scene.

The gentle curves and dips
of this soft road
add to the majesty and depics
of the imagery bestowed.

Every corner brings new awe,
every dip a heightened view
with the beauty of all elements.

A collage does nature glue.
Wild flowers line the edge
lending a heady scent.
Glistening with the morning dew
like diamond dust they gleam.

The twittering of a songbird
delight one and all.
Awakening a symphony of music
from others, trilling answer to its call.

A raucous fit of scolding
from a squirrel hiding upon a limb
angrily protecting his stash of nuts
his cache filled to the brim.

The pine fresh scent of the evergreen
opens my nostrills wide.
It scent is carried aloft in gentle whiffs
on the morning breezy tide.

My feet perform a happy dance
as I meander up this dusty trail.

Breezes through hollow boughs
make sounds much like a flute
the serene music that it plays.

This road I will always stray
when I am around this way.

Monday, January 26, 2009


This is a needlepoint that Heather gave me few years ago.when she went to Scotland for a visit.I done the work on it but never finished it as I did not know if I wanted to do a picture or a cushion.I opted for the cushion and now it is finish.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nature is the color of trees
Sound of birds
Cry of the loons.

Sound is hearing
what you see.

If one thoughts are
forever on the past
and future
One is missing today.

It is said
the wind
scatter prayers
around the world.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I belong to a Writer's Guild. At one meeting we were asked to write a poem using the same word three times, hence my poem titled "Birds,Birds,Birds".

I wanted to explain why I use ,the words "birds" three time.It was not a mistake on my part.

We meet once a month on a Wednesday.We are a small group, and we certainly learned how different every member writes an assignment given for the following month meeting.

Every member has to give an assignment. We choose the month we want to do this for. My turn this year is February.

Birds, Birds, Birds
by Laurette Stewart

One morning

looking out
where everywhere.

On the trees in my yard
in the trees in the neighbor's yard

They flew around
back and forth
up to the tree top
down to the ground

While the snow was falling
enveloping the trees
with white blankets
they were still there

For a little while longer
still flying all around,
suddenly,they were all gone.