Wednesday, December 30, 2009

another smal crossstitch

Here is another small crossstitch I done along with the other ones I posted already.I like fairies and also dragons. I saw this pattern on the internet and as I wanted to do it , I thought it will look very nice in red.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New painting # 2

This painting is real abstract. It is a couple trees but I change them from real to imagination with a different bakground and color..The branches entwine together.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New painting.

I painted this one only a couple years ago. I know it is different than what I usually paint. I thought it was time that I try something different for quite awhile, so when I saw a photo similar to this ,I said to myself this is it ,it is different than what I done before .Hence this painting. I was quite please how it turned out.

I've done few more after this one and they are more in abstact style. I will post them one at the time.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Wish

To every ones who visited my blog, I wish all a very merry Christmas and a very very nice New Year.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Panda dream.

My name is Chi-Chi. At present, I am on loan to this place they call a "zoo." I am far away from home. I do like it, but I miss my Mama terribly, I wish she was here with me. I am looked after very well by these creatures who are called humans. They look so different from others around me. These humans walk on two legs. Really ! These creatures that look after me are big and strong, and very kind.

Others come and look at me from outside these big things, and I hear little humans laugh and giggle with delight, pointing at me. I must be very special, because there are always a lot of them around with the big humans.

Sometime I feel very lonely because I have no one to play with,or share my meals, or sleep beside me like when I was with my mama. When I am tired, I go inside and sit in my corner, think about mama and wish she were here with me,cuddling me, and I feel worse. Then I curl myself up and try to go to sleep.

This particular night, there is a strange feeling all around this place, and I hear others being restless as well, and I wonder why. I think I better go to my corner as I am cold and shivering and so I curl up and try to go to sleep. Where I come from it is warm. Oh how I wish my mama was beside me be cause I am so afraid. She would keep me warm, protect me, and keep me safe from what is happening. Finally, I fall asleep.

I find myself in a strange place and I hear human voices and lots of noises, the like I have never heard before. Looking around, I see this human, if I remember, called"man". Standing beside him,another one, called "woman". She is so beautiful, and she is kneeling down looking at a small one called"baby". He lays in the same kind of thing that I have for my bed.

All around, there are others looking at the baby with amazemant and adoration. I hear someone call the baby"Jesus" Beside the baby, I see a donkey and a cow breathing over him. He must be cold and they are trying to keep him warm.

I wish I could be there right beside him, the beautiful baby Jesus. He would be much warmer if I was there, that is for sure, because I would cuddle him like my mama used to do to keep me warm, Yes, I wish, oh how much I wish, I could be there.

Hey! What? What is happening? I am moving, somebody is pushing me around. But no one is beside me. What is this? What is going on? Every one is moving aside to mlet me pass, and, oh! my wish has come true. I am beside the baby and the beautiful Lady is holding him to me. Look I am holding Him close to me to keep him warm. I look dowm at Him. He is looking at me with a beautiful smile. I feel a warm glow come over me, and I know, I am the luckiest of them all.

I feel warm, protected, and safe, my mama must be with me. I stir and open my eyes and realize it was all a dream. But, I no longer feel afraid or cold and I think, my mama must be near by, she has to be. How can I have this feeling? I gaze around and and see everything with a vision renewed, and I understand. We are never alone, we are always protected through the ligh of Him.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Painting on a tin.

After the holiday last year I bought some tins that were on sale at extra food.I used a couple for cookies and had 2medium ones and 3 larger ones left. One day ,a couple weeks ago I looked at them and wonder what I could do with them. It came to mind ,that I could do one with a CQ block.So I went with this idea. I cut the material for the border( green on the picture). I realize that I would have to glue it and as I never use a glue gun before I found it difficult to do for now. So I change my mind and decided to do a small painting instead. Kay was here and told her about it and she thought it was a good idea. I went ahead and sand the lid and prime it.The painting was done when I realize there was something wrong but could not put my hand on it. Showed to Heather and said my foliage on the trees looked like evergreen, I redone them and still was not happy and again Heather help. It was a trial anyway if I decide to do more sometime. The size of the tin is the medium one.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birch trees in winter

This painting was done few years ago. I really like it because I wanted for quite awhile to do birches in winter,and I done this one out of my head. I think I done very well, specially the background as I wanted it to be foggy,so the birches would stand out more.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Gift

In September I had a birthday, and this is the gift from Heather. A couple weeks before that ,we were in town for coffee with Kay,and afterward she took us to the gift shop to show us the new fairies that had arrived at Leonie store. Of course they were a lot of oohh and aahh,from me and then I saw the cups and saucers,and of course I had to looked at them when I spotted this particular one. The style was different from the other ones,and I said I should get it sometime as I like fairies and of course it was my favorite color. Now I do not have to think about buying it. Very nice gift.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birthday Present.

Today I thought I show this set of a cup and plate. It was a gift from Heather for my birthday in September. The previous week we had been in town for a coffee with Kay and she took us to Leona to show us her new Fairies items,as she knows that Heather and I like Fairies. Of course there were a lot of ooh and ahh ,but it was when I saw the cups and saucer that enthralled me, and this one more than the other ones as you guessed it was my favorite color and the only one with that

Sunday, November 8, 2009

another small cross stitch

Here is another small crosstitch I done a little while ago. It is a Scottish Thistle. I found this pattern on the internet along with other small ones. I done this one after the shoe. Much easier to do. I love the color, of course the flower being purple.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crossstitch: fancy shoe

I done that crossstich few months ago and did not know what kind of frame to use,as it is hard to find something here. I have these frames so I decided to use one. I use metallic thread for this design as mention in the pattern, and I found it was very hard to use it for the whole design as the thread was hard on the fingers. I was glad when it was done.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

jewelry..beaded rings

I have been beading again,more necklaces,bracelets and now beaded rings. I have seen them in beads magazines and I said to myself why not do some and voila. I intend to try to use wire and beads next. I will post some of the new necklaces and bracelets soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Painting Three horses.

I was looking at some of my paintings done few years ago,and I thought this was one I did not put on my blog yet. I saw that picture of the three horses in one of "Foster painting "How to" and I thought I try my hand at it. It turned out fairly good I think.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wolf

This is a story I had to write for the Writer's Guilt. We had to change the story somewhat. Here is my version.

The wolf

One early morning, the wolf woke-up. Streched himself, gave a wide yawn showing big teeth. Shooked and scratched all over his body, all the while looking around.

This place was unfamiliar to him, he arrived here only yesterday. The wood was densed and he could hear noises already. The birds were chirping away among themselves. The toc-toc of the wood-peckers in the tall trees.

The creatures of the forest, big and small, starting a new day of foraging, feeding and later, maybe sunning themselves or playing as the mood moved them.

He knew the routine so well. Was he not a creature of the wood himself? He hoped to be lucky today in finding a good meal. It seems so long since.......

Ah well, after what his cousin told him about this place and all the possibilities. He was confident that his lean days were over,. He must remember the warning also about the hunters. No fear, he could looked after himself, after all he was big and bold,was he not? Enough of this, he must look for his breakfast.

Upon coming to a clearing, he discovered a path, and wondered where it led to. After careful consideration, decided to investigate and to his surprise, he came upon a cabin and looking throught the window, he saw an old woman in bed. Very cautionly, and very,very quietly, he opened the door and glided on his tummy to the bed, and leaping, swallowed the old woman.

Returning outside to be on his way, he suddenly heard laughter and hiding behind a tree, spied this beautiful girl dressed in red. Long blond hair flowing in the wind as she skipped toward him, unaware of his presense. His mouth started to drooled at the sight of her and in his anticipation of the taste of such a beauty.

So busy was he at thought of sinking his theeth in such a palatable gift, he never heard the hunter coming upon him............there was no more wolf.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

another of my older painting

Painting of an older painting,done in acrylic. I done this one after I had done some painting in Oil,and also done few watercolor so I thought I try acrylic and I intantly like it very much so I done most of my paintings in that medium. This was done from a photo I had .

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Painting: rooster and hen.

Scenery. I done this few years ago when Begona was here with her husband Michel who came here to work for Dr.Crozier a dentist. They were here for a couple of years. I met Begona while working for Dr.Crozier. We found out that we had the same interest, which was painting ,I never painted animals before and this was my first try. As one can see, the background is nice, but I can not say the same about the hen as I cover her feeet with grass. All in all I think I done very well for the first try at doing animals.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Color pencils painting.

Here is another colored pencils painting.I done this one, two or three years ago. At that time I was practicing with colored pencils, and decided to do one from a picture I had and wanted to paint it for quite awhile in acrylic, but decided to do it with colored pencils instead. This was my second one in that medium. I had done another previously to this one but a friend was moving away and ask if he could have it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quiet Lake Scene

I done this painting a few years ago for a juried art show. Also one get critique I received good critique. Was happy about it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reflection on books and bookstores.

By some of my photos above,you can see I love reading. As a matter of fact my three girls love reading as well.My interest in literature is vast. I like mystery,science fiction,adventure, and now there is so much new kind of literature on the market there is too much to say here.
A bookstore appears simpler and more modest than it really is. Orderly shelves of books line the walls,the air is quiet and still, employees who seems thoughful and even a little grave, tend the cash registers and give advices or direction. (Avid readers of books are widely viewed as subdued type,not exciting)
Ah ! but there's the illusion.
Avid readers of books are people whose mental life is complex and seething with passion.
Likewise, a bookstore is a treasure throve of intense pleasures already known,mingle with exquisite pleasure as yet unsample.
The cover of a simple volume is really a trapdoor opening onto a vortex. To begin a book is both to hope and fear that you will be swept away by the mind of another human being.
The difference between a good bookstore and a bad ones is that a good bookstore invariably satisfies a reader's craving for mental nourishment. A bad bookstore only satisfies the craving of publishers to sell as many with as possible of a few formula product.
Our country is full of wonderful bookstores. Every bookstore is a unique interpretation of the endless promises to all bookstores. Just being there is irresistible, alluring, a warren of interesting thoughts that invite the browser deeper and deeper,tempting you toward abandonning the outside world entirely. Making your purchase is almost a disappointment because then you have to leave.
But then leaving any bookstore is hard because a bookstore is one of the few places where all the cantankerous, conflicting, alluring voices of the world co-exist in peace and order, and the avid reader is as free as a person can possibly be because she or he is free among them.
PS. I wrote this quite few years ago after I joined the Flin Flon Writer's Guild. I still enjoy looking at books, and find out what is new in literature.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Painting. Lake with birch trees.

I just finished this painting done in acrylic. I am a member of The Flin Flon Community Learning Center. Money has to be raise for the Learning Center extra expenses,so there will be a silent bidding on Paintings given by local artists. of which I am one of them as well as other items. It will be held sometime this month September. I whish good luck to the Learning Center.

Friday, August 28, 2009

House by the lake.

A place to rest
enjoying the rays of the sun
listen to the birds chirping.
looking toward the lake
the slight ripple on the water,
the quietness of the minute
then the cry of the loons
calling each other
making certain the babies follows.
such music to the ears.

Walking along the dirt road,
looking at all the beauty
that surrounds oneself.
high above the tall trees
where an eagle sits like a king.
low on the ground
the mushrooms show their heads.
bending down,looking closer
very tiny flowers cover more space,
their color so brilliant
their scent filled your senses.

The tall pine trees
send such special aroma.
birch trees shining silver.
among all the green foliage
hidden birds singing
their song of happiness.
the rustle of the leaves on the ground
as rabbits makes their way to and fro.
one must admire all the beauties
that God provide us for our pleasure
thanking Him for his Love for us.

Continuing on my journey,
arriving at the barn
two beutiful horses waiting
for their evening meal.
I call"Leo,Dusty"
their ears perks up
looking my way,heads bobbing,
galloping to the fence
hoping for special treats
an apple each,which they enjoy.

The chores done for the evening
now is the time for a rest.
recalling the day,
all the beauties seen,
admiring over and over
the quietness that surrounds me.
I sit there looking up
at the very tall pine trees
the leaves of the birches
fluttering every so slighty
in the coolness of the evening.
at peace with myself
very content with my world.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birch Trees Painting.

In front of me stand a
blank sheet of canvas.
what will I do with it?

Paint a nice landscape,
a sea scape,flowers,
maybe an abstract painting.

Paint brushes in hand,
all the paint tubes at the ready,
I review all the subjects,
and decide what I will do.

It is not hard for me as
I like to put birch trees in my painting
So here I go,
nice blue sky,
evergreen in the background.

Reflection in the water,
a couple smaller birch trees on the left,
a larger one and companion on the right side.

Now I better put some color in the foreground,
some green bushes along with some flowers,
deep pink,blue,purple,white, scatter around
the tall grasses and rocks.

I peruse the painting all over and
being satisfied with the result,
I will sign it with my new pen.

Remark, this painting was done quite few years ago.I just wrote that poem few months ago.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More reflection.

About yesterday Friday. Heather and Allen arrived around nine last night. She had phoned sometime in the afternoon to tell me they might be later than they thought.No problem there .I done the same routine than the day before,feed the horses and then a walk with Cadeau and Heidi,although I had a visitor coming to visit while at the horses."Shadow"the neighbor dog came while there and walk with us as well. I did not walk far this time as it was very hot ,five oclock in the afternoon. My mind wondered a bit ,now that I finished my CQ cushion,and what will I do lack of ideas for sure,in fact too many,as there are quite few things I want to work at.
I think I will try to do "needle tatting" Few years ago I did buy a book on needle tatting,and about a couple months ago I did try my hand at it .Also went on the internet to search and found a couple places with youtube for needle tatting as well as using shuttle. It is good to see how it is done. The book is ok and the instructions are fine . So I will be teaching myself tatting.
Now I am home. Heather brought me back this morning.We went groceries shopping. I could have stayed longer, but Faryn, Allen daughter wanted to spent a couple of weeks with them,and as there is only one other bedroom,it would not have been fair for Faryn to sleep on the sofa. I will be going back in September for a week when Allen goes to the state for a week with a friend to see about skidoo and all that guy things. I know that Heather and understand.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reflection of today.

I am at Heather place for few days,as her and Allen had to go to Saskatoon. They left early this morning and expect to be back sometime tomorrow,friday,maybe around supper time. Anyway,as usual when I am staying here, I looked after the animals,so I go to the horses around nine in the morning,to feed them and make sure they are fine.The horses knows me very well after all these years,specially Dusty,as he like to come to smell my face. I will be going back again late afternoon for their night feeds. I sure like this time with the horses. Then I take Cadeau and Heidi for a walk. This morning is beautiful and not too warm. The sun shine on the trees,and all is so quiet, not a sound to be heard,no birds chirping or the call of the loons.If one stood still you could hear a pin drops as the saying goes. This walk is really good for the soul as well for the body. As I admire nature, I consider myself very lucky indeed to be in a place like this.even if only for few days as I know I will be back again and again,and enjoy this all over .

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Defining"Beauty". Poem.

Beauty is in
the eye of the

Beauty is everywhere.
look around you
open your eyes
and see everything.

Nature hold
its own beauty.
be trees,lake,
wild flowers,
even insects have
a beauty of their own.

To ear the cry of the loons,
the chirping of birds,
the owl screeching,

Havin good friends
is consider beautiful.
beauty is not only
on the outside,
but what is inside
of a person who care.

What about family?
This is the most beautiful
of all beauty,
one can have
in this world
of ours.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

CQ finish as a cushion.

Here is the picture of myCQ block finished as a cushion for my bedroom. I am thinking of making a couple more in different color and material,or a medium size hang-up. I did not make up my mind yet.