Monday, December 7, 2009

Panda dream.

My name is Chi-Chi. At present, I am on loan to this place they call a "zoo." I am far away from home. I do like it, but I miss my Mama terribly, I wish she was here with me. I am looked after very well by these creatures who are called humans. They look so different from others around me. These humans walk on two legs. Really ! These creatures that look after me are big and strong, and very kind.

Others come and look at me from outside these big things, and I hear little humans laugh and giggle with delight, pointing at me. I must be very special, because there are always a lot of them around with the big humans.

Sometime I feel very lonely because I have no one to play with,or share my meals, or sleep beside me like when I was with my mama. When I am tired, I go inside and sit in my corner, think about mama and wish she were here with me,cuddling me, and I feel worse. Then I curl myself up and try to go to sleep.

This particular night, there is a strange feeling all around this place, and I hear others being restless as well, and I wonder why. I think I better go to my corner as I am cold and shivering and so I curl up and try to go to sleep. Where I come from it is warm. Oh how I wish my mama was beside me be cause I am so afraid. She would keep me warm, protect me, and keep me safe from what is happening. Finally, I fall asleep.

I find myself in a strange place and I hear human voices and lots of noises, the like I have never heard before. Looking around, I see this human, if I remember, called"man". Standing beside him,another one, called "woman". She is so beautiful, and she is kneeling down looking at a small one called"baby". He lays in the same kind of thing that I have for my bed.

All around, there are others looking at the baby with amazemant and adoration. I hear someone call the baby"Jesus" Beside the baby, I see a donkey and a cow breathing over him. He must be cold and they are trying to keep him warm.

I wish I could be there right beside him, the beautiful baby Jesus. He would be much warmer if I was there, that is for sure, because I would cuddle him like my mama used to do to keep me warm, Yes, I wish, oh how much I wish, I could be there.

Hey! What? What is happening? I am moving, somebody is pushing me around. But no one is beside me. What is this? What is going on? Every one is moving aside to mlet me pass, and, oh! my wish has come true. I am beside the baby and the beautiful Lady is holding him to me. Look I am holding Him close to me to keep him warm. I look dowm at Him. He is looking at me with a beautiful smile. I feel a warm glow come over me, and I know, I am the luckiest of them all.

I feel warm, protected, and safe, my mama must be with me. I stir and open my eyes and realize it was all a dream. But, I no longer feel afraid or cold and I think, my mama must be near by, she has to be. How can I have this feeling? I gaze around and and see everything with a vision renewed, and I understand. We are never alone, we are always protected through the ligh of Him.


  1. Dear Mom,
    such a nice story. Lovely reading and very true "we are never alone"
    Chi Chi is so cute, I can see why you let your imagination take over.
    I enjoy very much visiting your blog.
    Love Theresa

  2. Hi Mum.... after trying to post for the last day and a half, hopefully it will work this time. This is such a sweet story and is a testament to the power and influence of a mother's love, and the faith that each individual holds within them. Hugs.