Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween...To believe or not??????????

The night was very dark, not a cloud in the sky. Suddenly a candescent aura appear far away on the horizon above the distant hills, illumating the land.
Then it started to move very slowly , you could see the mouvement, coming nearer and nearer. The land was bare, nothing to see, no houses, no animals, just a big void.
As you watch this phenomina, you start to wonder what causes this candescent aura to appear so suddenly?
It was pitch dark one minute and the next, this big circle of light appear out of nowhere.
If you look closely you would swear that someone is pulling it across the sky, but how could this be? there is no one in sight, and surely it would have to be a giant to accomplish this feast.
No, there is no explanation to this extraordinary sight. you have to wait and see its development further. Surely something will come out of this or, it will dissapeared as quickly as it came.
There is a feeling that something else will happen. One has to wait with patience, with anticipation of what will be next.
All of sudden a funny sensation comes over you, there is an eerie feeling in the air, and something clicked in your mind as you recollect a tale that was told a long time ago... No surely not, it would be incroyable if this was to happens....
As you stare at the sky, suddenly, the candescent aura is beginning to change its shape, from a big circle, to a giant puff, like a big cotton ball. It is coming faster now, and, as you look, you expect it to explode in small pieces, but no. it is weaving all over the place as if someone is playing around, keeping you in suspense.....
Recalling the tale, you wait anxiously with your heart beating so fast, and hoping against hope that you will see what???
Yes,yes there they are the three witches, pointing with their fingers at the big puff of candescent, and laughing, laughing, dancing, dancing. They are moving it above in the sky like a giant toy. It is spinning so fast, it is breaking in small fragments, but strangely still remaining whole.
I am glad to know that these witches were the good ones. If they had been wicked, one wonders what would have happened............

Thursday, October 20, 2011

new painting

this is a new painting I done for the Learning Center Silent Auction held last week.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cockatiel photo

I took this picture of my cockatiel a week ago. I though I share his photo, he is such a beautiful bird, and a very good companion. He knows my voice and he does like it very much when I talk to him and play with him as well.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

newest embroidery

this is a picture of a thread painting magnolia, It is my second one. I am getting better at it as it does take a bit of a time to do as one has to use one thread to work the whole picture.