Friday, October 14, 2011

Cockatiel photo

I took this picture of my cockatiel a week ago. I though I share his photo, he is such a beautiful bird, and a very good companion. He knows my voice and he does like it very much when I talk to him and play with him as well.


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  2. Hi Mum...."Skittle" is a sweet little guy with a lovely singing voice and the cutest little "dance"... they say pets keep us young! Hugs.

  3. Dear Mom,
    say hello to Skittle for me...
    Such a nice surprise to see him this morning, for sure it made me smile!!!
    You did well with your photo of him as moving "objects" are not easy to photograph.
    He is a lovely bird and as Heather said has a lovely song to sing.
    We do love our pets and I'm sure glad that you have one, great company and yes it does keep us young with the joy that they bring!!!
    Love Theresa