Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reflection of today.

I am at Heather place for few days,as her and Allen had to go to Saskatoon. They left early this morning and expect to be back sometime tomorrow,friday,maybe around supper time. Anyway,as usual when I am staying here, I looked after the animals,so I go to the horses around nine in the morning,to feed them and make sure they are fine.The horses knows me very well after all these years,specially Dusty,as he like to come to smell my face. I will be going back again late afternoon for their night feeds. I sure like this time with the horses. Then I take Cadeau and Heidi for a walk. This morning is beautiful and not too warm. The sun shine on the trees,and all is so quiet, not a sound to be heard,no birds chirping or the call of the loons.If one stood still you could hear a pin drops as the saying goes. This walk is really good for the soul as well for the body. As I admire nature, I consider myself very lucky indeed to be in a place like this.even if only for few days as I know I will be back again and again,and enjoy this all over .


  1. Dear Mom,
    it is lovely at Heather's place, I know and understand your love of taking care of the animals. I do agree with you that it is good for the soul to be one with nature. You are very lucky indeed to be able to enjoy but most of all it is great that you appreciate what you live.
    Hugs & kiss
    Love Theresa

  2. Good Day Laurette, I loved how you describe the peaceful feeling you have at Heather's place. I wish I could of went for the walk in nature with you. I am sure we would of had a great time. I do love the sounds of the Loons but I reckon they call in the wee early morning and late in the evening. Hugs Judy

  3. Hi, Theresa, Yes you would know how nice it is at Heather,and how it is restful as well.

  4. Judy...Yes you would have enjoyed a nice walk.Sometime you van hear the loons at other time no.Like you said it depends on the time of the day.

  5. Mum... I am always happy when you come to visit, especially when I can be here too... but I do appreciate how you take care of my "babies" for me when I must go out of town... and I know they are happy when "Grandma" comes too! LOL! I know you love it here as much as I do and you don't find it a "chore" to come here, but rather appreciate everything about it. Hugs.