Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Defining"Beauty". Poem.

Beauty is in
the eye of the

Beauty is everywhere.
look around you
open your eyes
and see everything.

Nature hold
its own beauty.
be trees,lake,
wild flowers,
even insects have
a beauty of their own.

To ear the cry of the loons,
the chirping of birds,
the owl screeching,

Havin good friends
is consider beautiful.
beauty is not only
on the outside,
but what is inside
of a person who care.

What about family?
This is the most beautiful
of all beauty,
one can have
in this world
of ours.


  1. This is a very sweet poem Mum with many bells that ring true! Hugs.

  2. Dear Mom,
    your poem itself is beautiful! Very pleasing to the mind! As my sis, said « all so true » I agree with you that family is the most beautiful of all beauty and this value we learnt from you dear Mom.
    Love Theresa

  3. Heather, thanks for your comment.It is always appreciated. You come right to the point.

    Theresa, also thank for your comment. Yes the poem itself is really nice. I am glad that you agree that the family is the most beautiful gift of beauty in the world.
    With love Mom.(Laurette)