Saturday, August 8, 2009

More reflection.

About yesterday Friday. Heather and Allen arrived around nine last night. She had phoned sometime in the afternoon to tell me they might be later than they thought.No problem there .I done the same routine than the day before,feed the horses and then a walk with Cadeau and Heidi,although I had a visitor coming to visit while at the horses."Shadow"the neighbor dog came while there and walk with us as well. I did not walk far this time as it was very hot ,five oclock in the afternoon. My mind wondered a bit ,now that I finished my CQ cushion,and what will I do lack of ideas for sure,in fact too many,as there are quite few things I want to work at.
I think I will try to do "needle tatting" Few years ago I did buy a book on needle tatting,and about a couple months ago I did try my hand at it .Also went on the internet to search and found a couple places with youtube for needle tatting as well as using shuttle. It is good to see how it is done. The book is ok and the instructions are fine . So I will be teaching myself tatting.
Now I am home. Heather brought me back this morning.We went groceries shopping. I could have stayed longer, but Faryn, Allen daughter wanted to spent a couple of weeks with them,and as there is only one other bedroom,it would not have been fair for Faryn to sleep on the sofa. I will be going back in September for a week when Allen goes to the state for a week with a friend to see about skidoo and all that guy things. I know that Heather and understand.


  1. What a lovely picture Mum for this post. Sounds like you had a nice time while I was gone, time to think about what "stitchin' craft" to start next.... p.s. don't forget that painting you need need to get working on, VBG! Hugs.

  2. Hi, Heather...Thanks for your comment.It is a beautiful picture and appropriate for what I wrote.I looked at some victorian picture and found this one. I got my painting stuff out this afternoon and will start tomorrow.