Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birch Trees Painting.

In front of me stand a
blank sheet of canvas.
what will I do with it?

Paint a nice landscape,
a sea scape,flowers,
maybe an abstract painting.

Paint brushes in hand,
all the paint tubes at the ready,
I review all the subjects,
and decide what I will do.

It is not hard for me as
I like to put birch trees in my painting
So here I go,
nice blue sky,
evergreen in the background.

Reflection in the water,
a couple smaller birch trees on the left,
a larger one and companion on the right side.

Now I better put some color in the foreground,
some green bushes along with some flowers,
deep pink,blue,purple,white, scatter around
the tall grasses and rocks.

I peruse the painting all over and
being satisfied with the result,
I will sign it with my new pen.

Remark, this painting was done quite few years ago.I just wrote that poem few months ago.


  1. Dear Mom,
    a nice artisitc poem! It promises to be a nice tableau; scenery, one of your favorites with your famous birch trees.
    I look forward to seeing the finished creation!
    Love Theresa

  2. Hi Mum... I wonder where "we kids" get our talent from, VBG! Hugs.

  3. Theresa and Heather..
    Yes I wonder were you got your talent???