Friday, August 28, 2009

House by the lake.

A place to rest
enjoying the rays of the sun
listen to the birds chirping.
looking toward the lake
the slight ripple on the water,
the quietness of the minute
then the cry of the loons
calling each other
making certain the babies follows.
such music to the ears.

Walking along the dirt road,
looking at all the beauty
that surrounds oneself.
high above the tall trees
where an eagle sits like a king.
low on the ground
the mushrooms show their heads.
bending down,looking closer
very tiny flowers cover more space,
their color so brilliant
their scent filled your senses.

The tall pine trees
send such special aroma.
birch trees shining silver.
among all the green foliage
hidden birds singing
their song of happiness.
the rustle of the leaves on the ground
as rabbits makes their way to and fro.
one must admire all the beauties
that God provide us for our pleasure
thanking Him for his Love for us.

Continuing on my journey,
arriving at the barn
two beutiful horses waiting
for their evening meal.
I call"Leo,Dusty"
their ears perks up
looking my way,heads bobbing,
galloping to the fence
hoping for special treats
an apple each,which they enjoy.

The chores done for the evening
now is the time for a rest.
recalling the day,
all the beauties seen,
admiring over and over
the quietness that surrounds me.
I sit there looking up
at the very tall pine trees
the leaves of the birches
fluttering every so slighty
in the coolness of the evening.
at peace with myself
very content with my world.


  1. Good Morning Laurette, This photo looks like Heather's Lake. I am sure your lovely new poem was inspired by the beautiful area where Heather lives!! Have a lovely weekend Hugs Judy

  2. Hi Mum... what a lovely poem... it is indeed the way it is here at my place... "heaven on earth". Hugs.

  3. Hi, Judy..Yes the picture is from Heather place. It is really beautiful there and does inspire writing poetry.I took many walk there with Heather and Penny heather dog and my own Sammy.There are gone now but still good memories.

  4. Hi, Heather.. You remember when I came to your place with Penny and Sammy how we took some walk all around your place.These are memories that stayed with you forever.

  5. Dear Mom,
    a delightful poem ! Nature is indeed beautiful, we are so lucky to be able to enjoy it with all our senses.
    As the little phrase, I have on my frigo:
    " Life is a gift from God, what we do with that life is our gift to God! "
    You truly are an inspiration to us all Mother, as you appreciate Life in many ways!
    Love Theresa