Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wolf

This is a story I had to write for the Writer's Guilt. We had to change the story somewhat. Here is my version.

The wolf

One early morning, the wolf woke-up. Streched himself, gave a wide yawn showing big teeth. Shooked and scratched all over his body, all the while looking around.

This place was unfamiliar to him, he arrived here only yesterday. The wood was densed and he could hear noises already. The birds were chirping away among themselves. The toc-toc of the wood-peckers in the tall trees.

The creatures of the forest, big and small, starting a new day of foraging, feeding and later, maybe sunning themselves or playing as the mood moved them.

He knew the routine so well. Was he not a creature of the wood himself? He hoped to be lucky today in finding a good meal. It seems so long since.......

Ah well, after what his cousin told him about this place and all the possibilities. He was confident that his lean days were over,. He must remember the warning also about the hunters. No fear, he could looked after himself, after all he was big and bold,was he not? Enough of this, he must look for his breakfast.

Upon coming to a clearing, he discovered a path, and wondered where it led to. After careful consideration, decided to investigate and to his surprise, he came upon a cabin and looking throught the window, he saw an old woman in bed. Very cautionly, and very,very quietly, he opened the door and glided on his tummy to the bed, and leaping, swallowed the old woman.

Returning outside to be on his way, he suddenly heard laughter and hiding behind a tree, spied this beautiful girl dressed in red. Long blond hair flowing in the wind as she skipped toward him, unaware of his presense. His mouth started to drooled at the sight of her and in his anticipation of the taste of such a beauty.

So busy was he at thought of sinking his theeth in such a palatable gift, he never heard the hunter coming upon him............there was no more wolf.


  1. Dear Mom,
    Fun reading ! An interesting version of Little Red Riding Hood.
    I like your choice of words, and as the story goes; "we should never be too sure of ourselves and never be too gready"
    Love Theresa

  2. Hi Mum... Very good. We are always told to take old stories and rewrite them, and this is an interesting take from the wolf's perspective.... I have a difficult time taking other stories and reworking them, but you seem to have the knack. Good job! Hugs.