Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crossstitch: fancy shoe

I done that crossstich few months ago and did not know what kind of frame to use,as it is hard to find something here. I have these frames so I decided to use one. I use metallic thread for this design as mention in the pattern, and I found it was very hard to use it for the whole design as the thread was hard on the fingers. I was glad when it was done.


  1. Dear Mom,
    You reach out and try many subjects in various crafts. It looks like you have no time for sleep, those fingers and thumbs are always on the go. I must admit that I would never have thought of doing a shoe as a subject but I find it has turned out lovely with all it's fine details, quite fancy footwear. You are good. Once again nice work!
    Love Theresa

  2. Mum, I remember when you worked on this cross stitch and your comments about the metallic threads... you are right, they are difficult to work with, causing snags, fraying... and I suppose if you had to do a lot with them, they would eventually hurt your fingers... but it did turn our lovely, your favourite colour of course. You did a great job! Hugs.