Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Gift

In September I had a birthday, and this is the gift from Heather. A couple weeks before that ,we were in town for coffee with Kay,and afterward she took us to the gift shop to show us the new fairies that had arrived at Leonie store. Of course they were a lot of oohh and aahh,from me and then I saw the cups and saucers,and of course I had to looked at them when I spotted this particular one. The style was different from the other ones,and I said I should get it sometime as I like fairies and of course it was my favorite color. Now I do not have to think about buying it. Very nice gift.


  1. Dear Mom,
    Lucky you!
    For sure it is right down your alley: a tea cup and saucer (us girls know how much you like them) an unusual style plus your favorite colors with a theme that you enjoy.
    Through this I see a gift for two: one for Heather who is lucky to have you close by and to share priviledged time with her. The seconed this that gift she gave to you.
    Life has it's moments and this was one of the good ones!! I'm happy to share your joy!
    Love you Mom

  2. I will try this again - I love the cup and the cookies look good too.
    See you next monday. Kay