Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birch trees in winter

This painting was done few years ago. I really like it because I wanted for quite awhile to do birches in winter,and I done this one out of my head. I think I done very well, specially the background as I wanted it to be foggy,so the birches would stand out more.


  1. This picture looks like you are looking out my window... snow, birch trees.... hmmmm! A lovely winter scene, you can almost feel the cold. Hugs.

  2. Dear Mom,
    a lovely Northern scenery.... although you are out West
    You are good with your birch trees. The perspective of the woods going farther in the background and the mist makes us feel like we are there. Your snow is very nice with the shadows and depth of uneven land.
    Nice work mother.
    Love Theresa