Thursday, September 24, 2009

Color pencils painting.

Here is another colored pencils painting.I done this one, two or three years ago. At that time I was practicing with colored pencils, and decided to do one from a picture I had and wanted to paint it for quite awhile in acrylic, but decided to do it with colored pencils instead. This was my second one in that medium. I had done another previously to this one but a friend was moving away and ask if he could have it.


  1. Dear Mom,
    a beautiful drawing ! It must have taken quite some time to do. That is a medium that does not look to easy and I would expect that it takes lots of patience. Great work once again!

    Love theresa

  2. Hi Mum.... I love the birds and berries - you should be doing more coloured pencil work... Hugs.

  3. OH MY - that is so lovely! I love birds (who doesn't? LOL) and this drawing is so cheerful and happy. You have an amazing talent!! Hugs, Cathy