Friday, April 17, 2009

Tree called Puissant.

In the forest
stand a very large,
gigantic tree.
he is the King,
the Keeper.

His name is Puissant.
it means:
always watchful.

His limbs expands on all sides,
he is watchfull of everything
that goes around him,
high above him,
where the birds flies.
low on the ground
where creatures roams.

Not far from him,
stand a little tree,a sapling,
who often look at this great tree,
in awe and wonder.

He wishes he could be like that.
his curiosity got the better of him,
in a timid voice,trembling a little,
looking up,ask a question,

Puissant,where you always this size?
no,Puissant reply,
long,long ago,I was like you
a small sapling.

It took century for me to grow this size,
in time, you will too,be patient.
when I am too old,
you will have grown up to be like me.

You will have to take over
the duty of keeping watch
over all the forest
and his creatures.


  1. Absolutly delightful! I always take a great pleasure in reading your lovely nature poetry.

    Your Puissant brought back fond memories when you where here with me on each vacation and I took you to see the enormous pine tree that you enjoyed to see time and time again, you named him Puissant!
    Love you mom

  2. Another lovely poem Mum, my mind can visualize the whole thing... you always did love your trees. Hugs.