Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Painting..Watercolor pencils.

I did this painting with watercolor pencils last year. I took this picture when I first had the digital camera.Heather show me how to take better pictures.I am getting a bit better.


  1. Hi Mom,
    such a lovely water color pencil picture, You are good !! Your drawings get better all the time.
    As for the shooting of the picture with your camera, it takes time to learn photography.... and we learn by our mistakes as it is all self taught. Keep up the good work!
    Have a great day !
    Love Theresa

  2. Hello Laurette, your water color flower is beautiful. Lovely colors too. Yes, I can see your camera skills are getting better all the time. We all go throught the same learning curve. It just takes time. Thanks for sharing your world with us. Hugs Judy