Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Gift

Here is the beautiful Christmas gift I received. It was a very big surprise when I opened the parcel. I certainly did not expect something as beautiful as that. Apparently Heather and Theresa worked together on this . Sent it back and forth for the embellisment. Not a peep out of them when I asked what they were doing for craft for Christmas, only they were busy doing this and that. I never though that both of them were working on something for me. They sure can keep quite and evade the question when asked. Well a very very big thank you to Theresa and Heather for this glorious gift, and I will cherished this cushion forever.


  1. Dear Mom,
    I assure you that it was a true pleasure to make this for you. I was delighted that Heather accepted to work on the CQ cushion with me. As it was a 1st try at this kind of work and the round robin thing, I was quite pleased with the result.I am happy that you like the gift, it was definetly made with love and from our hearts as I'm sure Heather will agree.
    Hugs dear Mom
    Love Theresa

  2. Mum... Theresa and I had fun doing this, although when she sent it to me I had to wonder why she chose something "so big", LOL! Lying to you from October when we started on it, right up until Christmas Day when I kept saying that Theresa may be too busy to have sent your gift on time because she usually sends it directly to you and not to me (as she did this time) was probably the hardest part... but in the end it was worth it. I am glad that you like it... as Theresa said, it was our pleasure! Theresa and I may be working on more projects together in the future because of this. Hugs.

  3. Hello Laurette,

    WOW, what an absolutely Gorgeous cushion. I love the lovely shades of pink colors and all the embellishments. Laurette you are very fortunate to have two such talented daughters. Great job ladies.

    Heather I am sure you created those fantastic looking Dorset Buttons. Love them.

    Hugs Judy

  4. Lovely gift...Heather and Theresa must have had a humongous struggle to keep the secret from you :)
    Wish you a happy and healthy year ahead, dear Laurette.


  5. What a lovely gift both Heather and Theresa crafted for you! It looks yummy enough to eat! Beautiful work, and I hope you enjoy it in good health for many, many years!! Hugs, Cathy