Sunday, December 19, 2010

Different kind of books

I like books..All kind of books. Beside reading books, I sure like "journal books". The other day I was looking at my shelves were I keep these books. I took them down and started to look at all of them. Some, brand new I never used yet ,some I wrote some of my poetry ,one I keep and write down what I have or want to do, others because I like the cover and could not resist to buy them, yep I sure like books. I will put some more on my blog as I did not take photos of all of them. The first one I got it from someone I worked for years ago. The second my friend Kay gave me that a couples years ago and the third one I bought when I was out because I like the color and velvet cover. I thought I put a couple piece of jewelry, the bracelet I bought with money I received from daughter Theresa and the necklace with pendant I made myself. Nifty eh.


  1. We do love our books, don't we Mum... funny thing, we don't really think of journals as books, but I have quite a few myself! Hugs.

  2. Dear Mom,
    they are lovely journals or notebooks... I can see that the colors caught your eye. They are nice to have for poetry, thoughts, special events and dates to remember.
    I agree with you that your necklace is nifty and I like your bracelet.
    Love Theresa