Monday, November 21, 2011

another needlepoint

I received this needlepoint from my friend Kay, few years ago. I started to work on it last year.The title of this design is" The Angelus". Years ago when one heard the church bells ringing at twelve, specially in the country ones stop doing their works and prayed. When my sister was in a convent ,and I visited her in the summer, we always prayed at twelve noon (Angelus time).


  1. Absolutely beautiful Mum.... you have certainly not lost your touch in this form of needlepoint. The colours are very soft and lend themselves well to this very old design. Superb! Hugs.

  2. Dear Mom,
    So peaceful one feels when looking at this design, I agree with Heather about the colors, they are perfect for this Angelus design. It definetly will be a beauty when finished. Another piece of art to your name!
    Love Theresa

  3. This work is wonderful. Congratulations.
    I'm from Germany and we also know the Angelus. It's a nice tradition.
    Best wishes