Sunday, May 26, 2013

New color pencils painting.

I saw the picture of these leaves and as I like their look decided to do a color pencils painting. I  found it needed something else  so I added a Schottish farm cottage.


  1. Very nice . . . I like the definition in the leaves and the Scottish farm house in the background. Is that your heritage?

  2. So nice Mum... and it was a great idea to add the farm house! Hugs.

  3. Dear Mom,
    So pretty!
    I like the way that you have added the light and shade to your leaves. I have to say that you are becoming soooo good with your coloured pencils. It seems that you can do as you want now with your colours...
    As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect" and you are surely showing us the meaning!
    Your little personal touch with the Scottish farm house sure gives your artwork a depth and makes it one of a kind!
    Love Theresa