Thursday, June 4, 2009

My pet Samantha.Poem.

illiterate,she was,
intelligent in other ways,
a friendly companion,
always glad to see friends,
loving,she was,
bouncy when taken out.

Now she is gone
in this transpicuous place,
called "Heaven"
"Big Beyond"
"Another Place"
whatever it is called.

Hopefully she is with
her other friend Benson
who departed this planet
few years ago.

Hopefully she will
enjoy her new life
with new friends,
jumping,romping about
a grand meadow
or running free
among the flowers.

And "Maybe"
she sees me here,
where her home was,
and knows I missed her.
I will always
my little pet,Samantha
my Sam.


  1. The love we have for our pets knows no boundaries.... there is a little of Sam in our Heidi... I know Sam is happy she is with Benson and Penny. Hugs.

  2. Dear Mom,
    your Samantha poem brings tears to my eyes. I know what it is like to have a faithful pet that brought us much joy and pleasure, then to loose their presence forever. We keep them in our hearts with the fondest of memories but for sure they leave a void, we can only wish and hope them the best in the world beyond !
    Hugs & XXX
    Love Theresa

  3. Theresa,Heather,
    Thanks for your sentiment of my poem about my "Sam" it is very appreciated,as you understand my feeling as you two had pets that are gone. We never forget them for sure.