Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reflection: Clothe Line.

In this wonderful age of washers and dryers,there is an uncommonly delightful pleasure that is not common anymore........Folding sun-drenched sheets that are fragrant with fresh air as any pot-pourri. How seldom do we see a family history fluttering on the line in a backyard.

Yet,it was once a matter of great pride to be first to "hang out" each Monday,and a housewife knew her peers would judge her severely on the whiteness of her sheets.

What with all the boiling, scrubbing and rinsing to get them whiter,it is a wonder the sheets did not wear out.

When the blue powder or cubes came out,and were diluted in the last rinse to give extra whiteness to the white sheets,white shirts and white underwear,it sure was obviously a blessing in disguise.

Now with the washers and dryers,if one does not want to use the dryer,all the involvement in that distant toil of yesteryear, is to hang out the sheets and other clothes,to gather up the sun and the wind, if one has an outside clothe line,to delight one nose with a smell out of this world of fresh air,that you can not get with a dryer.

Falling asleep in those sheets is as sensual an experience as I can think of.


  1. There are still those of us who hang out our sheets and enjoy the crispness and fresh aroma.... yes, for some those days are long gone, or worse yet, have never been discovered, I for one am an old-fashioned girl at heart and still practice this "art". Hugs.

  2. Hi Mom,
    You are so right !! it is a pleasure to sleep in freshly washed, sun and wind dried sheets. As you know, I have a clothes line, I do hang out my sheets during summer to dry but I find like I suppose many others that it is easier to throw them in the dryer....Time, we are so consumed with time.. always in a hurry, that we bypass some simple pleasures of life !!
    Love Theresa