Sunday, July 19, 2009

Poem: Mushroom Land.

In many part of the forest
stand some clearing.
there is a small place
called Mushroom Land.

There,the fairy Queen
Wearing her crown,
supervise the wood elves
chopping down a toadstool.

If you happened to walk by
you would think only
mushrooms are growing ,
you would be wrong.

Tiny people called Elves
make their home
among the mushrooms
as well as Fairies.

When twilight comes
upon Mushroom Land,
you can see Elves and Fairies
come out to dance.

Elves and Fairies
dance only at dusk.
they went on with this play
until midnight.

Then the Elves
goes into the boughs
of a big tree
to sleep.

The fairies
curl up
under the mushrooms
to dream of good time.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mom,
    Enchanting ! Fun ! Charming ! Elves and Fairies who knows what magic they can perform ? One thing for sure is if they are the keepers of our forests, they do a good job... It is some of the human race that destroy our beautiful nature.... so let us hope that Elves and Fairies are numerous to help preserve what we have.
    Hugs & kiss
    Love Theresa