Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Short Poems.

While walking in the bush
at Heather place,
I saw a little woodland fern,
with a soft banner raised
at his side.
beside it a tiny flower looked up
at the fern
with humble praise.

A quiet peace stole over me
as I in silence stood
and listened to God music.

I saw the lofty pines above,
reach up in praise to God.
I heard the breeze
play gentle notes
among them ,
as I trod along.


  1. Dear Mom,
    Such tranqillity and serenity, a calmness overcomes us when reading your poem.
    I would like to share those special nature moments with you for real but in a certain way I do through your thoughts. Thank you !
    Love Theresa

  2. This is indeed serene... you know how I love the calm and quiet. A lovely poem!

  3. Hello Laurette, I always love reading your poems and they make me feel like I am in the wilderness too. Lovely Hugs Judy