Saturday, March 27, 2010

another different painting

this painting is also different than my usual style, it was done on black with colour pencils. I think it turn out fairly nice considering I done it out of my head. I have a painting book on "Enchanted World",and looking at paintings of this artist, I though it might be neat to try my hand at it with color pencils.


  1. Mum.... it took me a while to remember which one this was... finally after remembering, I realized that this picture certainly doesn't do justice to the picture as you can see more of the detail when you look at it in person... the light touches of green and pink on the background actually make it very soft... opposite to what you think. Hugs.

  2. Dear Mom,
    I commented here yesterday but I do not think that you recieved it.
    I like your drawing, as I said, colored peencils is a difficult medium to work with. You have done a nice job, especially as the background is dark, it must be even more difficult to fill in and have the true color of what you want.
    So far, I cannot of think of something that you have not tried your hand at. Very talented indeed !
    Love Theresa

  3. Hello Laurette, Happy Easter. I love looking at all your paintings and stitching projects. The photo frame is also very lovely and uniques. You are a very talented lady. Hugs Judy