Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tiny tiny doll quilt

This is a very very small quilt, done for a very small doll, or can be use as a small pillow top. It is white on white and I added a lace applique in the center so it will give it a look of luxury.


  1. Dear Mom,
    it is lovely. I find that s has a bit of a Victorian look so you achieved the look of luxery. Even if it is small, we can see that there are many stitches therefore many hours has been put into this small quilt.
    Love Theresa

  2. Mum, this indeed a tiny quilt... actually the picture makes it look bigger than it is... definitely a lot of stitches in it, and you are right, the applique does give it a more luxurious look! Hugs.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog, well done on setting up your own blog and for sharing your sewing treasures