Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fairies and mushrooms

This picture was done by Heather about twenty years ago.She used to do a lot of drawings in black pencils.One day she decided to try a watercolor one ,and as she likes 'fairies'that was what she done.She did not follow up with watercolor,but continued to used black pencils.A few years ago,she decided to work with color pencils and she still does.When I was talking to her today I mention that I was going to put that painting of hers on my blog,and she said she might try watercolor again,as it does take a lot of time with color pencils. I am sorry the picture is crooked and I will try to take another one.I am learning to use a digital camera,and I guess I mut have moved somehow.


  1. Hello Laurette,

    Heather does beautiful artwork with water color pencils. It takes a bit time to learn how to use digital camera. I still move it when I take photos. vbg Hugs Judy

  2. hi mom,
    nice photo considering.....
    Don't blame yourself too much on moving while taking the picture:

    1st you have no tripod to steady your hand, 2nd there is a glass over the picture so the light or flash hits and reflects.
    But you achieved what you wanted and that is keeping your blog posted so all in all good work mom !
    Have a good day
    Love Theresa