Friday, February 13, 2009

Penny from Heaven.

The Penny.

Walking to the store,one day
I happened to look down
When I spotted a dirty penny
So I bent down to retrieved it.

A penny,one might say
Is not worth the bother
To picked up.
I beg difference.

You see,the penny is from Heaven.
Yes,a penny from Heaven,
And everytime I see one
I shall pick it up.

And while I have this penny,
I keep it in my pocket
Until I found another one
To take its place( in my pocket)

Then it will go
With all the others,
I found in previous walks
In a special container.

When I see a penny
I always pick it up,
I know I will never be
Poor or without.

Because my Father from Heaven
Will always look after me.
No matter what anybody say
I strongly believed this.

My Godmother,Aunt Laurette,
Told me this,when I was young,
I believed her sincerely,
Because she always practiced
What she preached to me.


  1. I recall that you told me every time that there was a penny laying on the ground "A penny from heaven" I always pick-up the pennies too mom.
    Another nice poem mom !
    Love Theresa

  2. Hello Laurette, I always pick up pennies from heaven too. Another lovely poem. Hugs Judy