Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fairies poem

Spring will soon be here
And summer will follow
Warmer days ahead
Flowers will be out.

I'll go to my special place in the garden
Only I knows were it is,
And see if my little friends have arrived
For the summer until fall.

The fairies comes back to their abode
For a short period of time
And give me the pleasure of their presence.

I see a new comer with them
She is introduce to me as "Lavender"
She is dressed in lavender,my favorite color
And I wonder if the fairies knew that?

I welcome her and she buzzed around me,
Saying she is happy to be here
And make my acquitance
As the fairies told her about me and this place.

I tell her she is very welcome,
And hope she will like this special place in my garden
And will come back in the coming years.

Following their frolicking around the flowers
In their special place,hiding from other eyes,
As only myself and no one else
Can see and talk to them.

Hearing their laughter,and babillage
As they fly to and fro around the garden
And when night comes,it is the time
They enjoyed themselves more.

I watched them for awhile ,
While they are exploring every where
And showed them the mushrooms for their beds,
I said goodnight and will see them tomorrow.


  1. Sweet poem mom !
    Reading this makes us want the spring to be here and enjoy the magic that fairies bring !
    Hugs & kisses

  2. Hello Laurette, Another beautiful poem. You are a very talent person and I truly enjoy reading your poems. I love fairies too. I can hardly wait to see my magical gardens start to bloom. Oh, where. Oh, where is Spring. Hugs Judy

  3. Theresa.Thank you for your nice comment.I appreciate it.Mom

  4. Judy.Thanks for your comment.I appreciate it.It is nice to know that you like poetry.Laurette

  5. Such a sweet little poem Mum.... you know I love faeries too.