Thursday, February 18, 2010

mini quilt

This is a mini quilt I done few years ago. I done it for my doll. I have done two more mini ones. It is as much work as a medium size one. All the cutting and putting it together takes time and when finished looks very nice.


  1. Dear Mom,
    rather lovely! I wonder why you have the color lilac in there ...VBG
    As for the work in it, I know that it can be as much work, all the fiddling around with small pieces. Seeing it gave me the idea that the size would be rather nice for a baby pram quilt.
    Looking forward to seeing your next pieces.
    Love Theresa

  2. This is so cute Mum.... I know it is mini, however, it looks exactly like a full sized quilt... I never did much for quilting years ago, but I guess it has rubbed off because that is what I am working on now! Hugs.

  3. Hello Laurette, Your mini quilt is lovely and the colors are wonderful too. Heather told me that you voted for My Bavaria Winter Wonderland, It is greatly appreciated. Hugs judy

  4. HI THERESA...I am glad you think it is a nice one. Do not wonder anymore why lilac there..of course my doll likes lilac as well.LOL. yes it could be used for a baby pram, very good idea.
    LOve Laurette

  5. Heather. of course you did not do muchin the were young then and now as you are older and see that quilts are still on ,you want to do your own thing, I mean designs. I wish you success in this new endeavor.

  6. A mini quilt!! ...another item which I want to learn making.So little time,so much to learn.
    Laurette, is there anything else which you've not shown us yet? - we've seen your painting,beadwork,embroidery,needlepoint,quilting....anything else left? :)