Wednesday, February 3, 2010

painting of window

This is a painting that I have done few years ago when I tooked a workshop here in Flin Flon. We had to do a still life and I choose to do a window. I saw a picture similar to this and as I am not fond to do fruits I opted for this.


  1. Hi mom,
    it is a very good still life picture, it looks so real, we have the impression that we can put our head through the open window and see inside. You captured the dimension and depth very well. The same with the wall, it looks like an old farm house. Very well done!
    Love Theresa.

  2. Mum... still lifes can be difficult to do, especially getting the perspective right... I think you did an excellent job on this one, and it really does look like you are on the "outside looking in". Hugs.